OPC’s have been used for CFS in Europe under medical supervision for over thirty years with no reports of adverse effects. Today, over one million people worldwide utilize these valuable bioflavanoids daily. OPC’s have been tested time and time again for safety by conventional, scientific methods at leading research centers worldwide including the Pasteur Institute. OPC has been found to be non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-teratogenic, non-mutagenic, and non-carcinogenic.
I’m sure that you will want to use the ISOTONIC form of this product because it is superior to all other forms such as pills, tablets and capsules. Health Power produces an ISOTONIX line which holds the exclusive patent on this form of OPC. With all other forms the dilution factor is countered by fillers, binders, coatings, lubricants, disintegrators, and artificial colorings which results in a low concentration of the nutrient. With ISOTONIX LIQUID there is no dilution factor all natural ingredients which deliver a high concentration of the nutrients faster than any tablet on the market today! (In addition, Health Power’s OPC is called OPC-3 because it provides all three of the top pycnogenols that you should have.)

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