Security Initiative target sites in the region of small build, United Kingdom

Statistics of the Health and Safety Executive show two-thirds of all deaths in construction in the north-west, and more than half of the seriously injured in two counties.A new initiative aimed at safety of small-scale construction projects are being launched across Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

1. The security awareness events to be held in Wigan Territorial Army Centre on October 7, Clifton TA Centre in Salford on October 19, November 4 TA Centre in Warrington, Failsworth TA Centre in Manchester on November 17 Congleton Town Hall on November 30 TA Centre Chester Chorlton High School on Jan. 11 in Manchester on January 27, February 1, Tameside, Stockport Council Chambers on February 16 and March 16 Crewe TA Centre.

Entrepreneurs and their employees will also be invited to participate in a series of ten events free health and safety awareness to help improve industry standards. The first event will be held in Wigan on Thursday, October 7.

‘There are many risks to workers on construction sites, falling on the roofs to the inhalation of harmful substances such as asbestos or silica dust, causing problems that threaten the health of life.’

‘The purpose of these six months of the initiative is to offer advice on improving health and safety on construction sites, but we will act where there is a high risk of injury or illness.

Over the last five years, there were 41 deaths and 7691 serious injuries in the construction industry in the north-west, including 27 deaths and 4130 serious injuries in Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

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