Bhavana phuket asia admission to leading addiction treatment and recovery program.

The admission process

Our admissions staff know how anxious and concerned you may be in making arrangements for care.  At Bhavana, we pay attention to your needs and do our utmost to give you the services and treatment best suited for you or your loved one.

When you call or write to us, we’ll tell you more about our treatment programs and approaches, admission availability and admission procedures. We’ll discuss your options about identifying and getting the level of treatment you need, what the costs will be, and how to make arrangements for getting here.

We may ask you about your current care, symptoms and treatment history, if any. We may also ask to talk with a family member or your current treater.

We admit patients day and night, weekdays and weekends, according to your needs.

Because Bhavana Phuket is a licensed medical facility, you do not need to “stock up” on prescription medications before coming here. Bhavana’s physicians or psychiatrists will review your medications to make sure that what you need to take is compatible with medications that may be prescribed as part of treatment.

Once a decision is made for you to enter our program, an admissions coordinator will guide you and your family through the admission process. We’ll provide an information packet and a packing list of items that may or may not be permitted for you to bring.

At Bhavana Phuket, we value your privacy. Your admission, treatment and care are kept strictly confidential. Arrangements may be made to enter the program under an assumed name.


Admission to Bhavana Phuket begins with a comprehensive evaluation that includes psychological testing, medical history, addiction assessment, psychiatric evaluation, relational assessment, psychosexual testing, and trauma assessment.

Based on the evaluation outcomes, each patient is assigned a treatment team comprising a physician, psychiatrist, nurse, primary alcohol or drug abuse counselor, care manager, dietician, and fitness trainer. This team is responsible for working with each patient to establish an individualized plan of care and recommendations for discharge.

We provide a 24-hour staff of clinicians, on site at any time that a patient may need assistance.
Once a room is assigned, the patient may move in to the room which may be a private room or shared with one other program participant, and begins treatment.

Throughout the patient’s stay, a member of the treatment team will be responsible for keeping regular touch with family members and the referring professional.

A family member may or may not accompany the patient on the day of admission.

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