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chapter launched in region Wednesday December 13, 2000


Just a week after after it was launched, the new K-W chapter of DigitalEve
has already grown to include 53 members. And that number will likely grow
in the new year after KW DigitalEve holds its first meeting and social
event on Jan. 18, says Jenn Heins, one of the organizers. DigitalEve is
a an international, nonprofit group dedicated to women within the context
of technology. The local chapter’s Web site, found at,
says members will be women who live in the area (Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge),
have an e-mail account and are interested in technology. The group’s primary
goal is to help women of all ages get online, use the Internet and become
familiar with technology. It also wants to encourage women to choose careers
in IT (information technology) by raising their technological awareness
and influencing their education and career decisions. Heins, who works
at Research In Motion, said in an interview she believes DigitalEve got
started earlier this year as an nonprofit alternative to another for-profit
group. The Web site says DigitalEve began in June this year when three
women in Boston and San Francisco began sharing a vision for an international
networking organization. Within days, 40 women had joined. By July, 30
women were working on the details for the group. They had voted on the
name and registered a Web site. And in August, there was a meeting in
London of representatives from the United States, Great Britain and Australia.
The Web site says there are now 6,000 members worldwide and Canadian chapters
in Hamilton, Mississauga, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Nova Scotia,
as well as locally. kW DigitalEve got started on Dec. 5 in Waterloo at
Communitech’s e-business summit, Heins said. To join, you simply subscribe
through the Web site. The first kW DigitalEve meeting will be held from
5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Jan. 18 upstairs at the Time Square restaurant
in Waterloo.

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