Annual flowers for sunny areas.

                    Annuals for sunny locations – at least 6 hours of sun a day                      

Swan River Daisy  
-Brachycome iberidifolia     
-9 to 14 inch rounded habit  
-rock garden. edging. containers
-blue, rose or white flowers           
-doesn’t tolerate extreme heat
Ornamental Peppers
-Capsicum annuum
-10 to 20 inches, mounded habit
-bed, border. edging
-yellow, red. cream, purple, or black fruit
-provide plants with ample moisture
Rose Periwinkle  
-Catharanthus roseus
-8 to 18 inches tall and wide, some have prostrate habit  (grow flat on ground)
-borders, bedding. and ground cover
-rose-pink, mauve, white
-heat and drought tolerant
-Celosia cristata
-6 to 24 inches, habit varies with cultivar
-cut and dried flowers, border. edging. bedding
-red, yellow. gold, orange, and pink.
-heat and drought tolerant
-Cleome hasslerana                                                     
-3 to 4 feet tall
-background cut flowers           
-pink, rose-purple, and white’
-good for hot areas
-Cosmos spp.
-1 1/2 to 4 feet, erect habit
-gold, red, orange, pink, and white
-tolerares dry sites

Annual Pinks
-Dianthus chinensis
-6 to 12 inch mound
-edging, bedding
-red, pink. white. and bicolored
-does best in cool summers
Dahlberg Daisy
-Dyssodia tenuiloba
-6 to 8 inches tall, 15 to 18 inches wide, spreading habit
-edging, bedding. or hanging baskets
-heat tolerant
California Poppy
– Eschscholzia califomica
– 12 to 15 inches in height and spread. round habit
-bedding, border, and naturalized areas
-golden, yellow, orange
-heat and drought tolerant
Blanket Flower
-Gaillardia pulchella         
-1 to 2 feet tall. rounded habit
-cut flowers, bedding. containers
-yellow, red, and bicolor
-heat and drought tolerant
-Gazania rigens
·6 to 12 inches tall -border, bed, and edging
-yellow, orange, pink. or red
-heat and drought tolerant
-Helianthus annuus
-2 to 10 feet tall. erect habit
-yellow, red, gold, white
-heat and drought tolerant

Garden Balsam
-Impatiens balsamina
-8 to 36 inches tall, erect habit
-bedding, borders
-white, yellow, pink. purple, or dark red
-provide adequate moisture
-Lantana camara  
-6 to 8 inches tall. spreading to 24 inches
-bedding, hanging baskets
-orange, yellow, pink, red
-Melampodium paludosum
-12 to 24 inches tall    
-bedding, containers
-yellow, gold
-Nierembergia hippomanica var. violacea
-6 to 9 inch rounded habit
-edging, containers. rock gardens
-white, blue, purple
-Pelargonium xhortorum
-12 to 20 inches. rounded habit
-border, bedding, containers
-all except blue
-moist, well-drained soil with cool roots
-Petunia xhybrida
-8 to 15 inches. rounded habit
-bedding, borders. and containers
-all colors
-dead-head and pinch back in mid-summer for best performance

Annual Phlox
-Phlox drummondi
-6 to 8 inches, 12 inch spread, mounded habit
-edging, bedding
-white, pink, purple, yellow, salmon, and bi-colored
-best performance early and late in season, provide with adequate moisture


Pinkhead Knotweed
-Polygonum capita tum ‘Magic Carpet’
-2 to 3 inches tall, groundcover
-ground cover, rock garden, baskets and planters
-tolerates heat, drought, and wet soils
Moss Rose
-Portulaca grandiflora
-6 to 8 inches tall, prostrate habit
-rock garden, ground cover, edging
-rose, red, yellow, white, striped

-heat and drought tolerant

Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia)
-Rudbeckia hirta var, pulcherrima
-2 to 3 feet tall
-cutting, background, borders, and bedding
-heat and drought tolerant
Creeping Zinnia
-Sanvitalia procumbens
-6 inches tall. 18 inches wide, trailing habit
-edging and ground cover
-yellow or orange with purple centers
-heat and drought tolerant
Mexican Sunflower         
-Tithonia rotundifolia
-4 to 6 feet tall. erect habit
-cutting, background, screen
-orange-red, yellow
-heat and drought tolerant

-Zinnia angustifolia
-6 to 12 inches tall
-ground cover or border
-orange, white, yellow
-heat and drought tolerant
-Zinnia elegans
-1 to 3 feet tall, rounded or erect habit
-border, edging, cut flower
-all colors but blue
-heat and drought tolerant
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