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Cherry Blossoms

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P3240002, originally uploaded by shanaj67.

I went to DC on a business trip last week and the cherry blossoms were starting to bloom. I had two gorgeous days! But I was working so I did not get a chance to see any sites!

This tree is in front of the restaurant Tim took me to on my 40th birthday – Chadwick’s!

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Happy Day!

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Goodbye Chicago, Hello D.C.

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I had a really good trip to Chicago. It was all business, but I had a couple of hours with perfect weather! I will be gone all next week, then back two weeks, then gone again!

I loved Chicago and my building was right on Michigan Avenue. I hope Tim and I can go back very soon. There is a lot to see. My friend ML said that it has one of the best museums in the nation!

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Green Water for St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago

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Green Water for St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago, originally uploaded by shanaj67.

I am in Chicago for the week for work. And let me tell you – this town celebrates St. Patrick’s Day! All along Michigan Avenue people are wearing green and have painted faces! They also dye the river green. This is from my iPhone so it’s not super clear, but it is green.

I have a lot of travel this month! Next week, I’m off to DC for the week and in two weeks, I’m off to Orlando!

It’s also gorgeous! My interviews wrapped up early so I walked for a long time checking out the buildings!

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Smoke House

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photo.jpg, originally uploaded by shanaj67.

Tim and I have this weird way of finding money to hit the Smoke House in Burbank! It’s kind of spendy and it’s a steak house, so we don’t have too many choices. But we love going there and for some reason, I always feel like I am on vacation. I doubt that makes sense to anyone but me!

I also was invited to a bridal shower for a friend, Lee. It was an amazing shower. She’s such a great person – and I’ve never seen such an outpouring of love! I think it really speaks to what a great person she is. The theme was naughty and nice. The best part for me was the food. There were two tables full of different salads – that was the nice part. Then, there was a dessert table – that was the naughty part. It was really fun!

We were in Portland last week and I was not feeling well so I have no pictures! That’s a bummer.

Tonight is the Oscar’s! I can’t wait. I haven’t seen too many movies. But “Up in the Air” was my favorite of the films we did see. We almost saw “Up” last night, but got caught up in this amazing documentary on Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. So I’m even more behind than ever!


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