Uk follows actos trial

Since the controversy about the link of the actos drug to bladder cancer burst in public, UK has been following and observing the results and the studies that are undergoing to prove the case.

Actos is also being sold in UK especially in Canada so they are keenly following all of the reports regarding the said drug. Several reviews have been conducted in the country on the effects of Actos. In this country, the materials given indicate that there are really risks but are rarely present. However, the FDA insisted that the drugs should come out with particular warnings and labels that can inform users of the side effects that might actually happen in the long time frame of using the drug.

The Health Canada, which is the equivalent of the U.S FDA have also been monitoring the risk of the said drug in a continuous basis. According to them, there is a minimal state of the drug causing bladder cancer, although they also emphasized that there are certain alternatives that doctors can offer for diabetic patients. But at this point, Actos have been very effective in treating type II diabetes unlike other medicines.

In addition to that statement, it is also said that actos works in situations where other drugs are not effective. Since the tests are not yet finished and evidences are not yet clear on the connection of the drug to the negative effect, UK will continue to consider all possible updates that can either clean the name of the drugs or make it totally be banned in the market. At this point, they will continue to review relevant studies regarding the issue. Also, all of the safety factors will be considered in evaluating the Actos drugs efficiency.

In cases where needs arises, UK will be giving out ample information for patient to rely on.

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