ashwaq from london

Her name is Ashwaq she has 3 kids shes from London,England. This woman does not value ANY relationship she has. Her family doesn’t even want anything to do with her because she’s so screwed up in the head. She’s cheated on two of her three husbands and seems her fourth marriage only lasted 6 months and she’s already on to the next victim and she’s not even divorced yet! She seems to like law enforcement officers as many of the men she’s cheated with have been just that. She also seems to have a preference for married men so women beware!! She lies to everyone every chance she gets and will fill your head with lies if you let her into your life in any way. She is selfish and has to have a man in her life to “take care of her”. PATHETIC! She attacks her prey by acting helpless, lost and scared, but don’t let that act fool you. If you are into certain hobbies, she will instantly love doing the same things that you do! She can’t think for herself and constantly conforms to other peoples likes and wants just to feel accepted and “loved”. She also doesn’t seem to have a problem having sex with other men OR women in the presence of her current mate. Hopefully anyone that recognizes this person, stays FAR FAR AWAY from her because she will only cause you heartache, pain and lots of DRAMA!! SHE LOGS ON TO PALTALK WITH THE NAME Smashin-Pumkin thanks REFUGEE MAN for the picture

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