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Over 300,000 square feet of exhibit space displaying the most innovative, interactive event entertainment. SES exhibits mobile entertainment that offers unique opportunities for theming, branding, team building and more. SES provides the opportunity for event marketing directors and special event planners to see, feel, and experience the interactive entertainment options available. Come to SES, the ‘idea fair’ that will enable you to make informed decisions when booking interactive entertainment for your next event.

Have you been wondering how to access the ‘latest’ in high-tech, interactive entertainment? Come to Special Event Showcase and experience the hottest new concept shows created by award winning national entertainment production companies. The interactive entertainment market is as diverse in options as the live entertainment market and SES focuses exclusively on innovative interactive events. Like none before it, SES is a conference that offers exclusive, new entertainment products and services to the niche market of interactive entertainment.

A large percentage of today’s savvy consumers have been raised on computers, Internet and video games. That interaction is part of their lifestyle and today’s mobile entertainment caters to that very market. Entertainment coordinators from colleges around the country will be booking events for their campus at SES. By observing what type of novelty entertainment captivates today’s college demographic, you will be able to make informed decisions about the interactive entertainment you choose for your next event. Using the latest in interactive entertainment allows your guests to experience something really cool that they’ve never seen before. Moreover, using novelty entertainment for marketing purposes allows guests to personally connect, leaving a lasting impression of the brand beyond the length of the event.

The medium is as important as the message, and SES is your source for viewing and interacting with entertainment options that have the power to appeal to even the “been there, done that” crowd. A variety of original, mobile entertainment will be featured at SES, including ARS systems that integrate interactive screen effects with total audience participation, high tech laser game technology, green-screen photo-technology, fantasy casino environments, the latest in virtual reality systems, interactive drug and alcohol awareness/prevention programs, give-away events and much more!

SES is a conference like none you’ve ever attended. The premier event on exhibit at SES is the country’s only mobile vertical wind tunnel, X-Treme Air. X-Treme Air tours nationally through the college and corporate markets giving participants of all ages the opportunity to feel the rush of free-falling in mid-air. SES invites you to cheer on competing wind-tunnel professionals from around the globe in the ‘X-Treme Air Championship’, an event choreographed to music and filmed on site. You will be amazed to see wind tunnel specialists blast off up to 50′ above a spinning propeller and perform death defying acrobatic moves, seemingly weightless as they hover and spin in mid-air.

Not only is the quality of the conference important to us, but so is the quality of your total experience. When you arrive at the conference, you will be given an SES Dining Card with a pre-set value (determined through registration). Whether your taste buds lead you to fast food or the city’s finest dining, the SES card gives you to the freedom to choose where you dine! Several Grand Rapids hot spots are also offering exclusive discounts on food and beverages for SES members.


Come to the Special Event Showcase for free!!
Every SES business delegate will receive a coupon, in the amount of the delegate fee paid, to be used towards the cost of booking any special event on exhibit at SES. In addition, SES will also be giving one coupon to each business member organization, in the amount of the SES membership fee, to be used towards the cost of booking any special event on exhibit at SES! If you book your interactive events at SES, the discounts will help maximize your entertainment budget! SES wants you to experience interactive entertainment, enjoy the sumptuous dining in downtown restaurants and network with college and corporate event planners from around the nation — at our expense!

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