Somatic consulting & structural energywork

As the information contained in the DNA expresses to govern the evolution of the physical body, intelligence is expressed from the outside in, and from subtle to gross. In today’s world, we can see that information carried via optical fiber can move vast distances, containing the most specific and sophisticated messages we are capable of crafting. Energy, be it light, electrical, vibrational, or otherwise, has the capacity to contain energy, “charge,” information, etc.

It naturally follows that within the physical body, are energy channels referred to as “meridians” in chinese medicine, “nadis” in yogic philosophy and ayurveda – each with points or energy centers. In traditional Chinese medicine, the points are referred to as acupressure/acupunture points – each with their own name. In yoga/ayurveda, the core energy centers are called chakras, with more peripheral chakras throughout the body called marmas. Whereas there are specific modalities that work with each of these energy systems, it is inevitable that they are a part of the physical experience, and play a role in the expression of health and the vitality expressed through our life.

When working with the physical body, one must take into account:

    • postural deviations – the position of the joints and the body’s alignment

    the state of the body’s connective tissue (muscles, tendons, fascia) – density, elasticity, responsiveness, presence of         adhesions, bundling/binding, layers and possible friction or impedance between layers.

    function – a “tight” muscle can be so for a number of reasons – each having its own resolution. Chronically tight muscles will         not release or return to their natural resting length on their own. Understanding what each muscle or tissue needs to restore         it to its resting state, utilizing the proper technique where necessary, is essential. The approach may involve communicating         with the tissue directly/physically, or speaking to the nerve or energies contained therein.

Simultaneously, an awareness of the bigger energetic picture, with a sensitivity to the inner energetics within the body means:

    • proper interpretation of various physical indicators, and their relationship to one another.

    • ability to recognize where an energetic issue is at cause, suspending the physical approach enough to “listento facilitate         movement on that level.

    • serving the whole person – and directing the flow of energy in a way that serves the individual‘s immediate and ultimate         intention.

All of this creates a complete experience, wherein the individual can process and integrate a shift that is total, leading to comprehensive and tangible change in the areas of their inner/outer experience that were given attention through the session.

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