The somanabolic muscle maximizer reviews – is somanabolic muscle maximizer a scam or not?

Men trying to lose weight throughout the world would vouch for the fact that sometimes it gets very difficult to find time to make it to the gymnasium after work. Considering the travel time it takes nowadays to work and back, tiresome work hours and family commitments, being able to work out consistently can feel like a very difficult proposition to some people sometimes. Although home workouts can come to rescue in such a situation, but the main problem faced by many people trying to venture into it is they don’t know where to start. A home workout routine should ideally be both effective as well as short, and in order to achieve that you must consider only those exercises which produce maximum results in minimum time.

It is now possible to do exactly that by doing some simple Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer exercises, even if a few days in a week. Simply put, a Muscle Maximizer exercise is a form of workout which makes you push your muscle tissues to their limits in the shortest possible time period, thereby making your workout session short and simple. These exercises also make sure that you maintain full range of motion, something that is not possible with many gym exercises. Let’s look at three simple exercises that fall in the Muscle Maximizer category:

Human flags – This exercise may seem like a circus stunt the first time you try to perform it or see its video. However, it is far easier than it appears. So, if you don’t get it the first time, just keep trying and you will be there soon. While doing the human flag exercise, you will require either two horizontal rails (which are good distance apart) or a single vertical rail. Now, place one of your hands low down on to the rail, while the other one is lifted higher up. Try lifting up your body making use of your core until your body is horizontal to the floor. The idea is to maintain your lower elbow and locked position and using the lower part of your shoulder to carry most of your weight. Try holding onto this position for at least 10 seconds each on both sides.

Spiderman push-ups – However silly they may sound, Spiderman push-ups are not easy to pull off. In case of a normal push-up routine, one follows a straight up-and-down movement. But when it comes to Spiderman push-ups, they add an extra twist, which helps in simultaneous strengthening up of the core.

For doing Spiderman push-ups, start as you do in a normal push-up position. Your spine must be in a straight line and your knees locked. Now, start going down on your arms as you do in normal push-ups, but in the process try lifting up one of your feet from the ground and bring that leg’s knee up until your elbow point. Your knee must come as close as possible to the elbow at the bottom point of the push-up. While going back up, you must push your foot back into its original position. Repeat this exercise again with your other foot this time around.

Plyometrics squats – This is a Muscle Maximizer exercise meant specifically for legs. This exercise requires the individual to squat down and then try leaping high up straight into the air. This provides a great stretch to the muscles right before contracting them well. Performing this exercise regularly will help you enhance your vertical leap apart from increasing your flexibility. This exercise must be done in sets of 10, while making sure that you land on your feet’s balls every time you come back down.

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