Mr.Ravi Narayan (Tejas & Varun’s Father) (IB Math Higher level Students 2010-12)

Varun and Tejas were inherently strong in mathematics from the beginning.  But I would not say that they had a special love or passion for the subject.  It was only when they came in touch with Mr. Vairavan that they began to look at it differently.  The initial reports of Mr. Vairavan was about how strict he was, that they could not slack off even though they already knew what he was trying to teach in class.  Over time, they began to appreciate Mr. Vairavan as a teacher, as someone who loved mathematics passionately and one who could make the whole world of mathematics come alive.  Instead of being afraid of Mr. Vairavan, they enjoyed interacting with him during the class and outside the class in other forums.

They were also inspired by Mr. Vairavan as a human being.  His work ethic, his total commitment to the subject, to his students’s success and his leadership to build a not-for-profit organization, helped them look at leading life in a powerful way.  Very seldom do such teachers present themselves in a students’ career, and when they do they leave an impact that lasts a lifetime.  I am happy to say Mr. Vairavan was one such teacher in Varun and Tejas’ life.


Dr Venu Gopinathan, Director, Kilby Labs, Texas Instrument, India

Kaustav’s Father (IB Math Higher level students 2010-12)

It is very rare to find teachers that inspire a student by not just the exemplary teaching skill, but also by the life example that he/she leads. Mr Vairavan is one such rare person, who touched my son’s character well beyond the math techniques described in a classroom. He taught my son through most of high-school in one of the toughest levels (HL) of perhaps the toughest subject in IB curriculum – Math HL. He was also his guide in the extended-essay, which my son chose to do in math – a testament to the level of excitement Mr Vairavan was able to generate in him. Mr Vairavan’s strength as a teacher is his ability to explain complex concepts in a way that does not lose its rigor and above all, convey the beauty of the subject that makes a student want to pursue more. He makes math exciting and teaches the student how to learn mathematical concepts rather than spoon-feed them the capsulized tricks.

His efforts in the charitable organization he built for the education of underprivileged rural children has been and will ever be a source of inspiration to all the students he taught. The genuine empathy, the love for his students and the holistic world view that he brings are magnificent pointers to an impressionable child’s psyche. My wife and I feel lucky to have had him as my son’s teacher.


Mr. N.S. Nandagopal , Nikhil’s Father (IB Math Higher level students 2011-12) June 12, 2012

I have known Mr. Vairavan Ramamoorthy for the past four (4) years. My son has been his student in Indus International School during that period. Mr. Vairavan is a very passionate and inspiring teacher and my son always enjoyed being in his class. In fact, my son particularly appreciated and admired Mr. Vairavan’s ability to explain complex mathematical concepts in simple, clear and concise ways using several different approaches. Mr. Vairavan invests extraordinary amount of time and effort to ensure that his students enjoy learning higher levels of mathematics and this helps them succeed in the IGCSE and IB Board exams. He meticulously prepares his class lectures and also the home work assignments for the students to practice on. Despite his busy schedule due to his responsibilities as HOD of Mathematics at Indus, he always makes time to meet with students and parents to resolve any issues in the subject matter. He is a great role model for students with his simple, yet effective ways of approaching problems. As a parent, it has been a privilege to be associated with Mr. Vairavan and I would highly recommend IGCSE and IB students to enroll in his academy to ensure higher levels of achievement in these programs.


Mr.Sharad Subramanian and Mrs.Sandhya Sharad (parents of Aditya Sharad – IB Math Higher level Class of 2012)

When our son started his IB Diploma program in the summer of 2010 and chose HL Math, with a clear view of pursuing Math as a specialization at university and as a career, we were a bit nervous. Our son came back from his first class and said we’re lucky, we have Mr. Vairavan. Of course, at that time, we didn’t know Mr. Vairavan! Over the last two years we have seen our son grow and appreciate math as a subject and not just master the mechanics of calculus or number theory. When he chose a topic in math for his extended essay, we were concerned, once again, but then, we realized Mr. Vairavan was there to support and critique him all the way through. Credit goes to Mr. Vairavan’s excellent command over the subject matter and his way of teaching and interacting with smart, knowledgeable teenagers. We have met him on numerous occasions at school, and his feedback during PTMs has been bang on. He really understands his students and even with those who are performing extremely well he is not lenient. Teaching high performers and finding ways to make them perform consistently requires a lot of skill that can only come out of passion for the subject. Above all, we know he respects the students as much as they respect him and that means a lot since they really respect him!

Teaching of math in a way that makes kids less afraid of the subject is something that is going to revolutionize the way math is taught especially in India. We hope Mr. Vairavan is able to make an impact in math education and furthermore, make a difference in the lives of a lot of kids in the years to come. We wish him the very best in his endeavor.


Mr.Daksheish Mehta and Mrs. Nipa Mehta (parents of Kush Mehta – IB Math Higher level Class of 2012)

We hear many children say Math is a boring subject. Students say that it is hard and tedious, but this is not so with students of Mr. Vairavan. The fact is that he loves the subject and focuses all his energy to ensure that all his students love it too. This is why Math is exciting and fun with him. Simultaneously, he creates a challenging atmosphere in which students compete with themselves to constantly work towards higher goals. This methodology is combined with teaching critical time management skills, which are required in any curriculum, and in addition the belief that only “practice makes perfect” allows students to excel in the subject. These aspects have been achieved only by hard-work, patience and thorough knowledge of the subject. By listening to the problems of each and every student, he constantly gives a personal touch to his teaching.

Our son has been his student for almost 7 years. Mr.Vairavan has not only guided him for Math but also for life. The quality of teaching the subject together with good values and principles guarantees that a solid foundation is created for all his students. In simple words, Mr. Vairavan is a dedicated teacher. He has not only taught students but has trained teachers with better teaching practices. We pray that he continues to do so and brighten up the lives of many children. Our best wishes and support to him for all his future endeavours.


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