A Breast Cancer Symptom – Be Aware

A lump in the breast can be one of the first symptoms of breast cancer that you may show. Mostly, the lumps turn out to be harmless and benign, which, to your relief, means that it can not be breast cancer. At times, the first symptom doesn’t have to be a lump, symptoms like abberant changes in the nipples, oozing bloodstained discharges from them, an abnormal change in the shape of the breasts and/or nipples, recurring rashes or even something as trivial as an armpit swelling can be symptoms for breast cancer. The fortunate thing is that though these symptoms indicate breast cancer, you can have some or all of them and still not have breast cancer. However, getting examined by a professional is necessary.

For treatments to be very effective and results very pronounced, early diagnosis is the key. If you have pains in or around the breast, you probably do not have breast cancer. The pains in the breasts of chests are mostly due to changes or traumas you’re going through, like your nearing your menstrual cycle or menstruating, or the delayed effect of lifting a heavy object. Women, sometimes, have lumps in their breasts which have been there for a lifetime. They’re usually harmless fibroids, and never conclusively mean you’ve developed breast cancer.

Another helpful piece of information is that some types of cancers, like the Inflammatory breast cancer and Pagent’s disease show classic symptoms of their own type. Very red and hard breasts which keep getting sore show along with the regular breast cancer symptoms are a classic case of the Inflammatory breast cancer, whereas very itchy, red, scaly rashes, easily confused for eczema, on the breasts along with other breast cancer symptoms are Pagent’s disease. Always get the doctor to clarify your doubts.

Also some types of breast cancer will have their own set of symptoms. Inflammatory breast cancer is like that. It can make the breast very red, feel really hard and get really sore. Sometimes it gets all bumpy like you have small hives where it is inflamed. Pagent’s disease can look like a really itchy, red scaly rash and most people will mistake it for eczema until it gets diagnosed as a type of breast cancer. When in doubt, get it checked out.

Women often feel more comfortable and normal with the lumps removed, whether they are malignant or benign. This is not required for every removal, but the decision is to be made by you, for once. Do not ever hesitate in getting second opinions if you are being coerced into getting the benign lumps removed. If you decide against getting them removed, leave them be, they will never turn harmful or dangerous, and will go unnoticed.

All in all, cancer is not a laughing matter. Make sure you know about the causes and symptoms for breast cancer. If you start showing symptoms yourself, please do not delay contacting your doctor. Breast cancer for you implies your daughter’s risk of developing it goes up. Brushing that off with a shrug is not an option. Your doctor will tend to the rest.

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