How to Ward Off Genital Warts

Genital warts can be one of the biggest causes of nightmare. They can make hell of your life. You will always remain under constant irritation both mentally and physically. And most of you who are sexually active will get frustrated like anything because this is a sexually transmitted disease and you can any moment pass the infection to your partner.

Virus that creates the trouble

HPV virus that appears in different types is causative of genital warts. This is the same virus that also causes normal warts on your feet, hands and other limbs of the body. Though the group or family of the virus is common but there is a difference in its type. The exact HPV virus that causes genital warts is highly infectious and can spread the disease in a wild manner in bunch of bumps around your genitals. Cervical cancer which mainly happens to female folk is also caused by a virus of this family.

Control on the spread

This spread of the disease is mainly through contact with the infected area. Now genital infection is transmitted while mating or conducting unprotected sex. The routes are either through vaginal sex or through the anal sex.

Now it is not always that the carrier of the virus is conscious that he or she is a poor victim. The state of the virus sometimes remains silent or dormant. In that case the carrier might not be in that trouble till the infection gets triggered. But this in no way guarantees that the infection won’t spread into the partner’s body. The partner is bound to get infected and in return become another carrier of the disease in the active state.

The best method you can pick up to avoid the spreading of genital warts in other’s body is to control the active sexual life for the time being till the genital warts don’t get cured. There is another way also to help you out. You can use external contraceptives like condoms to keep both of you protected from this disease as well as many other STDs.

Women face the worse problems

Genital warts have no bindings on sex but women are the major victims suffering from this problem. In males the genital warts are quite visible around the penis but in the females they circle even in the inner layer of the vagina and thus become difficult to detect. And the warts get hidden in these layers. The virus spread faster in the warmth of the area and if the woman is an infection carrier, she can outspread the disease easily to her partner’s body.

Once detected that you have this problem, you must not delay for a single second to get them treated. And for the best self help, just play safe.

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